Seeing Is Believing… Most Of The Time.

Usually after I see something with my own eyes, I believe it.  This time, not so much.

I spent most of Saturday in Gallery 100 helping several of my fellow photography students install their Senior BFA Exhibition, Shoot!  Even as I was measuring out spaces on the wall and hanging the photographs, I couldn’t believe it.  I can’t believe I install my show two weeks after they take theirs down.  I can’t believe this is the last major milestone of my college education.  I can’t believe I graduate in May.  GRADUATE.  I can’t believe it even as I write it.

I will be walking through Wells Fargo Arena wearing my maroon cap and gown after living in Arizona for four years.  After I receive my diploma, I will be moving back to California, living there full-time for the first time since 2009.  Rather than having to get up early for classes, I will have to get up early for work – which I won’t mind as much because it’s something I enjoy.

Well, since I still have about four more months until I graduate, in the meantime I will be looking at the back of my camera, my laptop keyboard, the Photoshop menu, and many, many cups of coffee.


Fellow photography students David and Becky hanging David’s work for his exhibition, Shoot!


Some of the photographs for the BFA show, Shoot!


A metal sign made for the BFA Exhibition, Shoot!

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