I was roaming around Pinterest and somehow ended up on Twisted Sifter.  For those of you who have not seen this blog, GO LOOK AT IT RIGHT NOW.  It’s got everything – especially posts about art.

While I was scrolling through the many posts on Twisted Sifter, I came across this one.  I am taking a Watercolor II course right now, and I only wish that I could paint like this.  After looking at Maja Wronska deviantART page, I discovered she is only 24 years old. TWENTY FOUR. Consider me speechless.

Here are a few of Maja Wronska‘s watercolor pieces for you to admire while I try to think of something to say…

BridgeWatercolor NotreDame2 NotreDameWatercolor ParisWatercolor Watercolor1 Watercolor2 Watercolor4 Watercolor5


4 thoughts on “Speechless.

  1. Wow these are amazing! I took watercolor I and we had to do a landscape painting. But I did not come close to anything like this. I felt like it was a paint that wanted to do it’s own thing so it’s great to see the amount of control this person had to be able to create such space.

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