Coffee, Baseball, and Waiting

Coffee.  What can I say about coffee?  It’s AMAZING.  I am addicted to it and can be caught drinking it any time of the day.  This time, I’m on my second cup of the day because I’ve been up since 7:30am — which is awful when I don’t have class until 4:30pm.

Baseball.  Let me give you a heads up, now that it’s baseball season, I will be talking about baseball and the Angels…  Consider yourself warned.  PITCHERS AND CATCHERS REPORT TO SPRING TRAINING TODAY!!  Spring Training is extra exciting for Angels fans that live in the Tempe/Mesa/Phoenix area because Tempe Diablo Stadium is closer to them than Angel Stadium in Anaheim.  I can’t wait to go see my boys playing again!  It’s the only time I’ll get to see them in person until after I move back to California in May.

Waiting… If you read my last post, you heard my fridge is broken.  The temperature is completely off – our freezer is the temperature the fridge is supposed to be.  Since last week my brother, my roommate, and I have been squeezing all our food and drinks into a small mini-fridge that my roommate used her freshman year in the dorms.  Trying to fit food in there when it’s just one person is one thing, but trying to squeeze in enough food for 3 people (who have all been using a regular sized fridge for the past 3 years) is insane.  Best Buy’s Geek Squad was supposed to come Friday to fix the fridge, but they ended up screwing up that appointment.  Now, about a week after our fridge broke, I have been up since 7:30am waiting for them to come fix it.  (Does anyone else HATE that FOUR HOUR time slot they give you?)  I hope they come fix it before I fall back asleep…


The mini-fridge we've been forced to using for the past week!

The mini-fridge we’ve been forced to use for the past week!


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