What Would A Busy Bee Do If She Was Free?

As an art student, I never really have much free time.  I’m either taking pictures, painting for my watercolor class, studying for art history, or trying to find some time in between to have a social life.  I can’t even imagine what I would do if I had an entire week dedicated to nothing but being creative, mostly because I’ve never even had a weekend of that kind of time.

If I did have a full week to spare, I would:

  • Update my website or even create an entirely new one.  I created a website for my photography about a year ago, but I get so busy that I hardly ever have time to add new pictures and update the site itself.  A week of dedicated creative time would allow me to edit all of my more recent photographs and upload them to my site.  I would also spend some of that week going out and shooting more.  Hopefully I will have the time before I graduate to update my website, especially since I know after I graduate I will be busy finding a job and starting to pay off student loans, etc.
  • Personalize my blog.  In addition to time, I would also need the money to buy my blog name so I could personalize it more.  But if I had both, I would look to blogs such as A Beautiful Mess, enJOY it, Cupcakes and Cashmere, Fine and Feathered, and Shutterbean as inspiration.
  • Scrapbook!  In high school, I would scrapbook with my neighbor as often as I could.  It’s such a great way to capture memories through photographs, notes, etc. in one place.  All of my scrapbooking materials are back in California, so I don’t get to work on my books as often as I’d like.  After I graduate I plan to pick up where I left off in high school.

I went to high school in California, and some of my previous classmates are also photographers.  I enjoy exploring their websites to get ideas about what type of things I can add to my personal site.  A few of the sites I love to roam [that you should check out!] are:

Krista Ashley Photography — http://kristaashleyphoto.com


Shaun & Skyla Walton Photography — http://www.skylawaltonphoto.com


Preston Richardson Photography — http://prestonrichardson.com




8 thoughts on “What Would A Busy Bee Do If She Was Free?

  1. I used to scrapbook all the time in high school, but then I got to busy and it got too expensive with all the other art supplies I had to buy. I’d love to start up again..as a matter of fact, I think I might!

    • I know what you mean! I still did it in high school but once I got to college I couldn’t because all my supplies were back home and I had too many other supplies to buy too. But I always sneak some supplies in when I go to Michaels! Can’t wait to start up again!!

  2. I love love love scrapbooking!! I don’t think people realize how fun it is. I did one as a biography for Mary Cassatt last semester (so I didn’t have to write a paper) 🙂 If I had it my way, I would scrapbook all day every day.

    • I agree! A lot of people just stick pictures in photo albums and think that’s all they can do.
      Regular scrap cooking is so much fun but they even have digital scrapbooks now. Nice! I wouldn’t have done the same thing if I was given the choice!! Same here! Definitely going to start doing it as often as possible after I graduate!

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