Lately I Can’t Get Enough…

TRAILERS!  There are so many movies coming out in May, June, July, and August that I want to see!  Starting in May, there’s…

Iron Man 3  —  May 3 (Also my birthday!)


Fast 6  —  May 24


Hangover 3  —  May 24


Monsters University  —  June 21


Despicable Me 2  —  July 3 (New trailer!)


Red 2  —  August 2


Percy Jackson & The Sea of Monsters  —  August 16 



4 thoughts on “Lately I Can’t Get Enough…

  1. I am also a movie fanatic. Can’t wait for Man of Steel, Star Trek 2, Iron Man 3, and Thor 2: The Dark World. Pacific Rim looks awesome too. Comic book and sci-fi movies rule.

  2. Gah, trailers don’t seem that interesting but after you watch a few you keep wanting to watch more and more (that’s how I feel anyway).

    I’m so excited for these movies to come out in theaters! I think the most exciting ones are the superhero movies like Man of Steel, Iron Man 3, Thor, and so much more 🙂
    Movies are just amazing in general.

  3. I am not too excited about Iron Man, I’m sorry. The first Iron Man was way cool, the second ehh yeah I saw it, but now a third? Dont get me wrong RDJr was made for this role, but enough is enough, I’m sorry to say, but I hope this is the last one. The others, though look good, even (I say this grudgingly because Part II was a disaster) Hangover Part III.

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