In the dictionary, brave is defined as:

  1. Possessing or exhibiting courage or courageous endurance
  2. A brave person, a warrior
  3. To Defy, challenge, dare

Let’s focus on that last one.

Four years ago, I chose Photography as my major when applying for college.  I never had any intention on choosing math or science, but before I actually applied I honestly didn’t know what my major was going to be.  Since I have always been more creative, I chose a creative major.  Throughout my years at ASU I have come to see how many students actually choose to become art majors, but when I was applying during high school I was the only senior who chose a creative major.  My friends from high school are at different colleges around the country, majoring in subjects such as English, Anthropology/Biology, Nursing, and Neuroscience.  With those majors, they basically have their career paths set.  As for art majors, our future is wide open.  We can use our major for anything.  That being said, since I didn’t have a specific job in mind when I chose Photography, it was a bold move to choose it as my major.  But, I challenged the normal and dared to be different.  I took a leap of faith to study something that I am actually interested in that doesn’t offer a specific position after graduation.

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6 thoughts on “Brave

  1. I love that in the definition, they used the word “warrior”. Because if you think about it, us art students are pretty much that. We have no promises, nothing to rely on except that life itself will take us through into living a successful life doing what we love.

  2. I am also always asked what I plan to do with my degree once I graduate ASU and my answer to that is “Whatever the hell I want”. 😉 I don’t think people realize how many more doors are open to us, as artists, and although we may or may not have a concrete plan in place for when we graduate, I know that whatever we end up doing, we’ll be doing it creatively. 🙂

  3. Ahhh the fantastic “What are you going to do with an art degree” question. LOVE IT!!! I love being able to say “I have no idea, but I know I’ll love it!” It is a bit terrifying to not have a concrete set plan and stable reliable job for after graduation like most majors have such as engineering or business, but graduating with an art degree is so much more freeing and fulfilling. Creatives can do what ever they want and it is up to them to make it happen. Scary? Hell yes. Amazing? Hell yes. At least at the end of all of our hard work we will be able to say we loved it and can’t wait to do more.

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