SPE & Comic-Con

Although I am about to graduate with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Photography, I have to confess I’ve never been to a photography conference.  I plan to attend SPE (The Society for Photographic Education) next year, or within a few years following my graduation.  SPE is a non-profit organization specifically designed for photographers to associate with others photographers, while looking at different experiments within the field.  Once a year, SPE holds a conference for all its members to gather and learn from each other.  Events in the conference range from lectures and meetings, to panels and even demos.  The variety of events at the conference are sure to satisfy a photographer working in any area of the field.  The 2014 SPE conference is to be held in Baltimore, Maryland.




Another conference I would enjoy attending is Comic-Con.  This yearly conference is held in San Diego, California.  Although the conference was initially designed for comic book fans, the conference also holds panels showcasing specific television shows (among other events).  My favorite show, Psych, has had a panel at Comic-Con for the past few years and I think I would pass out from excitement if I were able to be a part of the audience for their panel.





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