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Megan McLaughlin was born in Los Angeles, California in 1991.  Although Megan was raised in the populated suburban town of Canyon Country, she attended many years of her lower education in the city of Los Angeles.  Megan has always been an artistic person, but her interest for photography was not given room to grow until her time at Arizona State University.  As a sports enthusiast her entire life and a softball player until the end of her high school education, Megan has always had a connection with sports.  She often photographs them in action and has recently begun exploring more into the culture surrounding them.  Megan is currently finishing earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in photography from Arizona State University and expecting to graduate in 2013.

One thing you can definitely expect to see on my blog is photography, both my work and the work of other amateur and professional photographers.  Just Keep Snapping will have an array of topics discussed in its posts: ranging from different artwork and crafts, to food and quotes I find inspiring.  I am also a major sports fan, so there will be a considerable number of posts about athletic teams I enjoy watching and cheering for – particularly in baseball, hockey, and basketball.


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