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After 16 straight years in school, I will be completely done in 16 days.  Hello real world! 

For one of my classes, my final assignment is to write a business plan.  I have chosen to write this plan about my photography business I am in the early stages of establishing.  My business will specialize in sports photography, but will also offer portrait sessions.  I will also be able to create commemorative videos using either my photographs or a customer’s personal photographs.

My new website and improved business Facebook page will be coming soon, so keep a look out!   


Just Focus


Senioritis.  A term I used repeatedly during my senior year of high school.  I was almost done and I was just fed up with schoolwork.  And now, again during my senior year of college.  MAJOR SENIORITIS.  I think it’s even worse this time around because I know after another four weeks I will never have to enroll in another class or take another exam… ever again. 

My biggest challenge right now is staying focused… staying focused on my schoolwork long enough to finish the semester.  I have to confess I’ve actually had senioritis for a good portion of this semester.  It hasn’t been too bad because all my assignments and projects have still gotten done, but now that finals are rolling in I’ve got to get my ass in gear.

In addition to projects to complete and exams to study for, I also need to finish packing up my room.  The weekend following my graduation ceremony, I am relocating to Southern California.  Part of me really wants to finish packing the rest of my belongings now so I don’t have to do it later, but another part of me knows that if I do that I will be scrambling through boxes to find things I need in the last four weeks I’m in Arizona.  So for now, only half my room is filled with boxes…

On a much more depressing note, incidents such as the bombings that occurred in Boston earlier today are leading me to ignore my projects even more.  After hearing about the incident on Twitter, my eyes were glued to the social media site trying to find out more.  It was bad enough reading about the number of people injured or killed, but looking at the pictures taken truly makes my heart ache.  Sending my prayers to those injured and the families of those killed today.  Stay Strong.




Souvenirs de Paris

While I was roaming around on my classmates blogs, I came across a post by Breanna Wandrych that caught my eye.  Apparently she and her boyfriend are planning a trip to Italy this summer, along with spending some time in Paris, Venice, Tuscany, Rome, and Naples.  Breanna’s post made me think back to my Parisian vacation and had me scrolling through the hundreds of pictures I took during my time there.

Last summer, I experienced my first trip abroad by spending a week and a half in Paris, France.  My Aunt and Uncle were taking my cousins there for a family vacation, and I was lucky enough to be invited along.  Although it was a month after my actual 21ST birthday, the trip was a joint gift from my parents and my Aunt & Uncle.  My parents graciously paid for my round-trip plane ticket and my Aunt & Uncle took care of my housing and food while in France.  I have to say, it was a pretty sweet deal!  Especially considering it was my first trip abroad.

I have to say my absolute favorite part of the entire trip was the bike tour we took from Paris to Versailles.  My Aunt arranged the trip through Fat Tire Bike Tours, who also have tours in Berlin, Barcelona, and London.  I HIGHLY recommend checking them out if you want a different view of Paris, but be prepared to be sore the next day.  The trip to Versailles included a train ride, a trip to the Versailles Open Market to stock up on food and drinks, and a picnic along the Grand Canal.  The final destination for the trip (before turning around to head back to Paris) was The Chateau.  While there, I got to see the Hall of Mirrors, Grand & Petit Trianons, and Chateau Gardens.  The views were spectacular, the food was unbelievably good, and – although I was super sore the following day – it was an amazing experience that I hope to participate in again (either in Paris or one of the other cities they are stationed in).

Of course, as a tourist in Paris you have to climb the Eiffel Tower.  I actually climbed it once on my first day there, and a second time when my cousin flew in from Spain.  She was working abroad all summer and flew in for the last few days we were in Paris to see the city with us.  The hike up the tower is exhausting, but taking the stairs is definitely worth it because the views you get on the way up are unforgettable.  That is, if you don’t pass out before you get up high enough!

Another monument you can’t forget to visit is Notre Dame Cathedral.  When we visited, there was a choir singing in the middle of the Cathedral so we had to be super quiet… which was quite hard for my three cousins.  But when you pass by the stained glass windows, you can’t help but fall silent in admiration of the beautiful bright colors and hard work that must have been put into making them.  While we were visiting Notre Dame, there was a man outside feeding the birds.  He was handing out seed to anyone who asked for it, so we spent a good hour outside the Cathedral holding our hands up and smiling like crazy when a bird began eating from them.

On one of our last days in Paris, we participated in a boat tour.  The tour was held on a giant boat that had three levels: one up top for viewing the sights, one for guests to sit at tables while looking through a wall of windows at the city, and one for the kitchen.  The tour came with a three-course meal for each guest and live entertainment by an accordion player.

This trip was such a great experience, especially because it was my first time out of the country.  I am definitely going to travel to Paris again, hopefully I’ll even save up enough money to pay for my parents to join me since they paid for the travel my first time.  In addition to Paris, I plan to travel to Australia, Italy, Ireland, Scotland, Africa, the Bahamas, Costa Rica, Greece, Poland, and Spain (in addition to several major cities in the U.S. I have yet to see).

Can I tell you how hard it is to ride a bike through a crowded street and take a picture at the same time?

Can I tell you how hard it is to ride a bike through a crowded street and take a picture at the same time?

Versailles Open Market

Versailles Open Market

At the Versailles Open Market

At the Versailles Open Market

At the Versailles Open Market

At the Versailles Open Market

At the Versailles Open Market

Getting off the train near our final destination

Getting off the train near our final destination

In route to The Chateau

My Aunt, Uncle, cousins, and I picnicking along the Grand Canal

My Aunt, Uncle, cousins, and I picnicking along the Grand Canal

My Uncle, cousins, and I outside The Chateau

The beautiful Grand Canal

Eating bread, cheese, and drinking wine beside The Grand Canal

The Chateau Gardens

The Chateau Gardens

The Chateau Gardens

Outside the apartment we were staying in

Outside the apartment we were staying in

View of the streets of Paris from our balcony

Singing on the bridge

My cousin and I in front of the Eiffel Tower

Me, taking photographs from the Eiffel Tower

A true Parisian crepe!

Call me an American, but I was so happy to get Starbucks!

View from the top of the Arc de Triomphe

View from the top of the Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower (from a garden beside it)

My cousin enjoying his ice cream after we climbed the Eiffel Tower

The best ice cream I had there, hands down! (Right across the street from the Eiffel Tower)

Notre Dame Cathedral

Breathtaking stained glass windows inside Notre Dame

Locks on the bridge

View from outside Montmartre

My cousins feeding the birds outside Notre Dame

Me, feeding the birds outside Notre Dame

Me, feeding the birds outside Notre Dame

Arc de Triomphe (Taken by standing on a median in the middle of a very busy street!)

The Louvre

The photograph my Uncle wanted to recreate on their anniversary

The photograph my Uncle wanted to recreate on their anniversary

Our attempt at recreating it!

Our attempt at recreating it!



SPE & Comic-Con

Although I am about to graduate with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Photography, I have to confess I’ve never been to a photography conference.  I plan to attend SPE (The Society for Photographic Education) next year, or within a few years following my graduation.  SPE is a non-profit organization specifically designed for photographers to associate with others photographers, while looking at different experiments within the field.  Once a year, SPE holds a conference for all its members to gather and learn from each other.  Events in the conference range from lectures and meetings, to panels and even demos.  The variety of events at the conference are sure to satisfy a photographer working in any area of the field.  The 2014 SPE conference is to be held in Baltimore, Maryland.




Another conference I would enjoy attending is Comic-Con.  This yearly conference is held in San Diego, California.  Although the conference was initially designed for comic book fans, the conference also holds panels showcasing specific television shows (among other events).  My favorite show, Psych, has had a panel at Comic-Con for the past few years and I think I would pass out from excitement if I were able to be a part of the audience for their panel.




Seriously… I’m Kidding.

Since I am moving back to California after I graduate in May, I have begun packing up my belongings so I don’t have to do it all last minute.  I even gave my parents a few boxes to bring back for me when they dropped my brother and I off after spring break.  Unfortunately for me, most of those boxes were filled with my books.

The last book I read was “Seriously… I’m Kidding,” by Ellen DeGeneres.  I absolutely adore Ellen.  I enjoy her show so much that I DVR it (since I am usually in class when it airs) so I can watch later in the day.  I bought her book because I thought it would be a good read, but I had no idea what I was getting into.  Her book is just brilliant, pure brilliance.  If you ever get a chance, read it.  And be prepared to laugh your ass off.


And now, please enjoy these quotes from her book:

“Accept who you are.  Unless you’re a serial killer.”

“Beauty is about being comfortable in your own skin.  It’s about knowing and accepting who you are.”

“My point is, life is about balance.  The good and the bad.  The highs and the lows.  The pina and the colada.”

“Do things that make you happy within the confines of the legal system.”

“Answers to Frequently Asked Questions: Yes.  Yes.  No.  One time in high school.  Three times in my twenties.  Rocks no salt.  Yes.  Four.  Never. And how dare you!  I will take no further questions.”

Although all my books are in another state, I am currently reading several blogs.  Throughout the past few years I have stumbled upon “A Beautiful Mess,” “EnJOY It,” and “Cupcakes and Cashmere” which I check on a daily basis.


In the dictionary, brave is defined as:

  1. Possessing or exhibiting courage or courageous endurance
  2. A brave person, a warrior
  3. To Defy, challenge, dare

Let’s focus on that last one.

Four years ago, I chose Photography as my major when applying for college.  I never had any intention on choosing math or science, but before I actually applied I honestly didn’t know what my major was going to be.  Since I have always been more creative, I chose a creative major.  Throughout my years at ASU I have come to see how many students actually choose to become art majors, but when I was applying during high school I was the only senior who chose a creative major.  My friends from high school are at different colleges around the country, majoring in subjects such as English, Anthropology/Biology, Nursing, and Neuroscience.  With those majors, they basically have their career paths set.  As for art majors, our future is wide open.  We can use our major for anything.  That being said, since I didn’t have a specific job in mind when I chose Photography, it was a bold move to choose it as my major.  But, I challenged the normal and dared to be different.  I took a leap of faith to study something that I am actually interested in that doesn’t offer a specific position after graduation.

Art Student Make Money Pie Chart



Spring Break… WOO HOO!

As I write this, I am OFFICIALLY on Spring Break! Woo Hoo!

Except as far as Friends is concerned, it’s more of a spring vacation.

My spring break will be exactly that… a break. Although it’s my last official spring break, a relaxing week with no schoolwork is exactly what I need. Tomorrow night I will be flying to California with my brother and I will be spending the week at my parent’s house. My plans for the week include:

– Going to Disneyland on Sunday!
– Going to my favorite Mexican restaurant
– Cleaning up my old room to make for some of my furniture and all of my possessions from my current room
– Watching DVD’s of Parenthood and Friends
– Catching up on missed episodes of Suits
– Spending quality time with my parents since I won’t see them until my graduation in May
– Going to the movies with the millions of gift cards I got for Christmas
– Hopefully hanging out with any of my friends that happen to be in town at the same time (which won’t be many because unfortunately we all have different breaks)
– Going to a few Angels Spring Training games

I probably should add some homework in there somewhere… but it is called spring break for a reason!



The summer after my freshman year of college I began working in production.  Often times people don’t understand exactly what I mean when I tell them I work in production, so let me break it down for y’all.  I work in the talent department for award shows, such as Guys Choice Awards and Teen Choice Awards.  The job entails booking talent (actors & actresses, singers, comedians, etc.) for presenting or accepting awards in these shows.  There is a lot more that goes on behind the scenes, but I won’t bore y’all with all the job-specific details.

Many of the publicists, managers, agents, talent, and co-workers I have come to know and talk to on a regular basis I have met through networking.  In the beginning, my boss introduced me to people she had previously worked with.  This allowed me to meet many other people working in my field, as well as talent representatives that I would soon be emailing and playing phone tag with every day.  Throughout the three summers that I have been working in production, I have been introduced to even more co-workers, talent reps, and talent, in addition to assistants and security personnel.  After I graduate in May I am hoping to continue working in production and continue to expand my connections with others in the field.

On the student side of things, the easiest way to network myself is through friends.  I have met many friends (both photo majors and non-photo majors) in my classes and we often discuss each other’s artwork, which leads to pictures and invitations to BFA Exhibitions, etc.

Although I prefer networking face to face (or via email & phone for work), it doesn’t mean I don’t network over social media websites.  I definitely use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn to stay in touch with people and update them on my artwork and current projects.  I usually use Facebook for more personal connections, while Twitter and Instagram are used for both personal and work.  My LinkedIn account is dedicated solely to connections made through work, or more formal acquaintances regarding my artwork. I connect with well-known people in fields I work in or am just interested in (baseball, for example) via Twitter quite often, and I use LinkedIn to see what shows my past and future co-workers are currently working on.

Networking Pic

Wait For IIIIIIIIIttttttttttt…

It’s true. I am a Psych-O.

No, not the Hitchcock type of Psych-O.  I can’t even watch horror films.  I’m talking about THIS.

Psych Poster

I’ve been watching Psych since it first aired 6 seasons ago in 2006.  Although the episodes, characters, and punch lines were great in the beginning, they’ve improved throughout the time the show has been on.

Psych has been on hiatus since the Season 6 finale, which aired April 11th of last year.  FINALLY, it returns tonight! And I will be watching while wearing my Psych sweatshirt and eating a pineapple pizza! [For those of you who don’t get the pineapple reference, watch the show]  My idea might seem weird to some of you, but really it can’t be any weirder than dressing up [as a vampire, wizard, etc] for a [Twilight, Harry Potter, etc] premiere, or going completely all out for Comic Con.

Do you watch Psych?  Wait, before you answer that, are you a fan of delicious flavor?

Light Work Residency

Who wouldn’t want a residency that provides a furnished apartment, a $4000 stipend, a private digital studio and darkroom, and 24-hour access to the facility?  Yeah, that’s what I thought.

I never really thought about doing a residency, but with amenities like those how could I not consider it!  Artists that participate in the Light Work residency are provided an apartment in Syracuse, New York for one month and given access to the Light Work studios and labs while working on personal photography projects.  The studios and labs have computers with Epson printers, like the ones in the Mac Lab at Arizona State University.  The computers in the lab also come with Photoshop, Illustrator, iLife, Dreamweaver, InDesign, and other programs to allow artists to work in a range of areas.  I have never been to New York, but I’ve always wanted to, so that alone is making me drool over this residency!