Lately I Cannot Get Enough…


I got the first episode of Parenthood from iTunes shortly after it aired in 2010, and then I got the first season on DVD after that came out.  Since then, I’ve watched and re-watched episodes from the first season.  Unfortunately I haven’t seen the episodes from the second, third, or fourth seasons… so don’t spoil anything if you have seen them.  If I was made of money, I would run out to buy the rest of the seasons on DVD and spend the rest of my weekend watching them but… yo no tengo dinero.




Wait For IIIIIIIIIttttttttttt…

It’s true. I am a Psych-O.

No, not the Hitchcock type of Psych-O.  I can’t even watch horror films.  I’m talking about THIS.

Psych Poster

I’ve been watching Psych since it first aired 6 seasons ago in 2006.  Although the episodes, characters, and punch lines were great in the beginning, they’ve improved throughout the time the show has been on.

Psych has been on hiatus since the Season 6 finale, which aired April 11th of last year.  FINALLY, it returns tonight! And I will be watching while wearing my Psych sweatshirt and eating a pineapple pizza! [For those of you who don’t get the pineapple reference, watch the show]  My idea might seem weird to some of you, but really it can’t be any weirder than dressing up [as a vampire, wizard, etc] for a [Twilight, Harry Potter, etc] premiere, or going completely all out for Comic Con.

Do you watch Psych?  Wait, before you answer that, are you a fan of delicious flavor?

Light Work Residency

Who wouldn’t want a residency that provides a furnished apartment, a $4000 stipend, a private digital studio and darkroom, and 24-hour access to the facility?  Yeah, that’s what I thought.

I never really thought about doing a residency, but with amenities like those how could I not consider it!  Artists that participate in the Light Work residency are provided an apartment in Syracuse, New York for one month and given access to the Light Work studios and labs while working on personal photography projects.  The studios and labs have computers with Epson printers, like the ones in the Mac Lab at Arizona State University.  The computers in the lab also come with Photoshop, Illustrator, iLife, Dreamweaver, InDesign, and other programs to allow artists to work in a range of areas.  I have never been to New York, but I’ve always wanted to, so that alone is making me drool over this residency!




What Would A Busy Bee Do If She Was Free?

As an art student, I never really have much free time.  I’m either taking pictures, painting for my watercolor class, studying for art history, or trying to find some time in between to have a social life.  I can’t even imagine what I would do if I had an entire week dedicated to nothing but being creative, mostly because I’ve never even had a weekend of that kind of time.

If I did have a full week to spare, I would:

  • Update my website or even create an entirely new one.  I created a website for my photography about a year ago, but I get so busy that I hardly ever have time to add new pictures and update the site itself.  A week of dedicated creative time would allow me to edit all of my more recent photographs and upload them to my site.  I would also spend some of that week going out and shooting more.  Hopefully I will have the time before I graduate to update my website, especially since I know after I graduate I will be busy finding a job and starting to pay off student loans, etc.
  • Personalize my blog.  In addition to time, I would also need the money to buy my blog name so I could personalize it more.  But if I had both, I would look to blogs such as A Beautiful Mess, enJOY it, Cupcakes and Cashmere, Fine and Feathered, and Shutterbean as inspiration.
  • Scrapbook!  In high school, I would scrapbook with my neighbor as often as I could.  It’s such a great way to capture memories through photographs, notes, etc. in one place.  All of my scrapbooking materials are back in California, so I don’t get to work on my books as often as I’d like.  After I graduate I plan to pick up where I left off in high school.

I went to high school in California, and some of my previous classmates are also photographers.  I enjoy exploring their websites to get ideas about what type of things I can add to my personal site.  A few of the sites I love to roam [that you should check out!] are:

Krista Ashley Photography —


Shaun & Skyla Walton Photography —


Preston Richardson Photography —




Hi, Nice To Meet You…

My favorite way to meet people is to get out.  I don’t necessarily mean this as getting out of my house (although that is obviously a key part), but I mainly mean it as getting out of my own way.  I am a quiet person until I get to know someone well enough to have a conversation with them.  In my last years of high school I began to go out of my way to start up a conversation with someone I didn’t know.  I admit, I am still pretty shy when I am in a lecture class of 400 people and I don’t know anyone else, but for the most part I try to get to know at least one other person in the class.  Getting out of my own way has helped me gain friends that I have had since my freshman year of college, and meet celebrities and professional baseball players that I wouldn’t have if I had kept quiet.

Freshman year in the dorms, the closest dining hall to my dorm was Hassyampa.  (And for all you non-ASU folks you’re probably thinking – who would name a dorm that?!  Don’t worry, I think half of us ASU students are thinking it too)  Although I didn’t eat every meal at Hassy, I tried to go there often for dinner before I went back to my own room.  One night, a girl asked if she could sit across from me at the table and eat her dinner.  We started talking and exchanged phone numbers, which lead to us grabbing dinner together almost every night and hanging out when we weren’t in class and on weekends.  After freshman year, I was moving into a house that my parents bought and I was in need of a roommate.  I asked her because we had become really good friends during that first year.  Now, four years after I met her and three years after I asked her to be my roommate, we are still living together (with my brother) and both about to graduate in May.


My roommate, Amanda, and I during Freshman year

One of my other friends that I’ve had since freshman year I actually met in Long Beach, at an ASU Orientation for students who didn’t live in Arizona.  We were sitting across from each other during the lunch break (with my mom, another ASU freshman and her mother) and began talking.  She and I were actually both in the Herberger Institute so we were registering for classes together, which led to us both taking the same Color class freshman year.  We’ve had classes together throughout the past four years, but we’ve also gone out to dinner for each other’s birthdays and gone to football games together.   Although she isn’t graduating this year, I have a feeling we’ll keep in touch and hopefully even see each other over summer or if she moves back to California after she graduates.


My friend, April Mae, and I during Freshman year

I have been attending award shows since I was in Junior High, particularly Teen Choice Awards and Home For The Holidays.  Like I said, I was very quiet and didn’t spark up much of a conversation when I was meeting people.  Thankfully, one time at the TCA’s I asked Dwayne Johnson to take a picture with me.  I was incredibly nervous when I asked, but it was a great first experience because even after his publicist started moving him further down the red carpet, he came back and took a picture with me.  After that I was still nervous when I tried to ask for photographs, but his response made it worth trying every single time, and it’s given me the opportunity to take pictures with some really great people. [Below are a couple opportunities I’ve had]


Dwayne Johnson


Rupert Grint & Tom Felton


Chace Crawford


Chad Michael Murray

That first interaction with Dwayne Johnson has also encouraged meet to talk more when I am surrounded by professional baseball players.  The Angels have Spring Training practice at Tempe Diablo Stadium, which is close enough that I can go over on weekday mornings and watch them.  It’s also a great chance to ask for pictures and autographs because not as many fans show up as they do for the actual games.  I have met more than half of my favorite team throughout these past four years in Arizona and I am hoping to come back even after I graduate to continue watching them and talking with them.  [The pictures below are just some of the pictures I got from being out there on Saturday alone]


CJ Wilson


Tim Salmon, My all-time favorite player


Garrett Richards


Ernesto Frieri


A Girl Can Dream…

Don’t get me wrong, I would LOVE a workspace like this… I just know I would never get ANYTHING done because of that gorgeous view.  I mean, who would?!  In reality, I need a workspace that is not only functional for my practice, but is also appealing to the eye so I can go in and just relax even when I’m not working.  As a photographer I need studio space for both digital and film work to be made, but I also plan to have areas where I can create in other mediums and a small area to relax.  I’ve always been attracted to loft spaces, especially ones with hardwood floors and high ceilings.  Although in my studio space I would prefer concrete floors so I wouldn’t run such a high risk of ruining perfectly beautiful hardwood flooring.  I would love to have a huge wall of windows for natural lighting, but even just a half wall would do.

For digital work, checking emails, etc., I want a desk where I can set up my future iMac (and my current MacBook Pro).  Any desk with room to hold a computer, printer, and still leave space to write will work, but I’ve had my eyes on this beauty ever since it was posted on A Beautiful Mess.  I definitely want to try to have a built in desk, preferably one set up somewhere with a view.  Other than a comfy chair to sit in while I’m working at the desk, I’ll also need a filing system, a filled pencil cup, and storage containers for odds and ends. I would have a huge cork board on the wall in front of my desk to pin important documents or inspirational photographs.  I also want to install metal rods in the wall so I can hang up various items.  The last few things I want around my desk, or at least somewhere in my studio, are posters such as this and this that will keep me motivated.


My film work will require a darkroom, preferably one that attaches directly to the rest of my studio.  The darkroom itself will require a great ventilation system, multiple sinks, drying racks, and a red safe light.  Of course I will also need my developing equipment for processing the film itself and then making prints from the negatives.  I would love a giant closet inside the darkroom to store all my processing equipment and the extra chemicals that I would want to keep away when not in use.  I would love a barn door like this to divide my darkroom from the rest of the studio, but I am not quite sure if it would be able to keep the light out as much as a darkroom needs.

Darkroom1 Darkroom2 Darkroom3 Darkroom4

Outside the darkroom, I would have a light table for looking at negatives.  In the main part of the studio, I want a HUGE working table in the middle of the space.  I am an avid scrapbooker so I would use that space to scrapbook, as well as lay out digital or large film prints to review.  This table would have storage areas on all sides, some in cubicle form and some in shelf form for large prints or canvases I am painting on.


One corner of my studio would be designated for photo shoots.  I would install a backdrop, such as this one, and have props tucked away in storage containers.


I want one wall of my studio to be a giant bookcase.  Literally, the entire wall… one huge bookcase.  One like this would be big enough to hold all my photography books (and other books), binders from the award shows I’ve worked on (past and current), as well as bits and pieces from crafts I am completing.   Well, it might qualify as a huge cubicle storage unit rather than a bookcase.  But either way, the edition of the sliding ladder (like the one pictured) would be a great way for me to reach the top of the unit.


I plan to have at least one wall of my studio painted with chalkboard paint so I can write on it whenever I come up with an idea or I just want to doodle.  Thankfully, chalkboard paint can be mixed in any color, so I can even paint my entire studio in it.  On one of the walls painted with chalkboard paint, I would draw out a huge calendar where I can put my monthly schedule for work, family events, etc.

I would love to have a full size kitchen in my studio, but a half size will work just the same.  As long as I have a coffee maker, fridge, sink, and microwave I will survive.  It would be nice to have a small water cooler near my kitchen area.

In another corner of my studio I would set up a giant easel, surrounded by plenty of empty space.  Nearby I would have storage bins for paintbrushes, canvases, paints, and other supplies needed for watercolor or acrylic paintings.  It would be great to have my easel near a window so I could check out a nice view while I paint.


One area of my studio will be set aside for relaxing.  It will have either a large couch or a large chair that I can sit in when I’m taking a break.  I also want a small coffee table and a large flat screen television in this area so I can watch games during baseball season, or even put on music stations while I’m working.

Other things I want in my studio are shelves in various places to display my work and the work of other artists, a storage closet for all my extra supplies, and an entry area where I can drop off my bag, keys, etc.

Now I’ve just got to graduate already so I can start working and make enough money to build this thing!



Coffee, Baseball, and Waiting

Coffee.  What can I say about coffee?  It’s AMAZING.  I am addicted to it and can be caught drinking it any time of the day.  This time, I’m on my second cup of the day because I’ve been up since 7:30am — which is awful when I don’t have class until 4:30pm.

Baseball.  Let me give you a heads up, now that it’s baseball season, I will be talking about baseball and the Angels…  Consider yourself warned.  PITCHERS AND CATCHERS REPORT TO SPRING TRAINING TODAY!!  Spring Training is extra exciting for Angels fans that live in the Tempe/Mesa/Phoenix area because Tempe Diablo Stadium is closer to them than Angel Stadium in Anaheim.  I can’t wait to go see my boys playing again!  It’s the only time I’ll get to see them in person until after I move back to California in May.

Waiting… If you read my last post, you heard my fridge is broken.  The temperature is completely off – our freezer is the temperature the fridge is supposed to be.  Since last week my brother, my roommate, and I have been squeezing all our food and drinks into a small mini-fridge that my roommate used her freshman year in the dorms.  Trying to fit food in there when it’s just one person is one thing, but trying to squeeze in enough food for 3 people (who have all been using a regular sized fridge for the past 3 years) is insane.  Best Buy’s Geek Squad was supposed to come Friday to fix the fridge, but they ended up screwing up that appointment.  Now, about a week after our fridge broke, I have been up since 7:30am waiting for them to come fix it.  (Does anyone else HATE that FOUR HOUR time slot they give you?)  I hope they come fix it before I fall back asleep…


The mini-fridge we've been forced to using for the past week!

The mini-fridge we’ve been forced to use for the past week!


Lately I Cannot Get Enough…


First of all, let me put it out there: I am a procrastinator.  But in this case, my procrastination habits are not a factor.

I could start by rewinding back to winter break… Which I have to remind everyone that goes to ASU and inform everyone that does not – last year the university cut the winter break from one month down to TWO weeks.  Factoring in Christmas and New Years, time that most people spend with their families, there is hardly any time at all left for having an actual break from school.  Both last year and this year, my winter break felt more like an extremely long nap rather than the actual two-week break it was supposed to be.

Since returning for my last semester of school, time is still my enemy.

My Senior Exhibition is about a month into the semester.  You would think this is enough time to prepare, but with the homework, projects, and tests flying in from the four other classes I am taking (plus work from the Exhibitions/Portfolio class), I can hardly find the time to finalize everything.  Even when I schedule in time to finish some of these details, something for another class comes up and I have to rush off to do that.  Thankfully, after this weekend I will have my prints and frames completed – which only leaves my artist statement, thank you list, shopping for opening night reception, and installation.  Did I say only?  HA!

But now I have a question for all of you reading this… Do you ever get the feeling that when you have a big event or assignment due, the universe seems to throw EVERYTHING else in at that same time?

I sure do.  My installation weekend and opening reception have been set since before the semester began, but since then they’re not the only things I’ve got on my plate those two weeks.  Let’s throw on 7 self portraits for my watercolor class… And an Art History exam… And a Photogravure final print.

To add to all the school assignments I’ve got, my refrigerator decided to suddenly stop working properly a few days ago. Right after my brother and I bought a bunch of new groceries, I might add. So, I’ve spent all day sitting around my house waiting for the Geek Squad from Best Buy to come repair it.  Plus I’ve been waiting for our A/C repair company to come check out our system.  Even after the 12 – 4pm time slot Best Buy gave us, they did not show up and my fridge is still broken.  But that’s another story, a very long and VERY frustrating story. 

As you can see from the countdown on my blog, time until I graduate is also ticking away… 2 months!  Time to: apply for graduation, find a job, and start packing up my belongings to cart back to California.


I was roaming around Pinterest and somehow ended up on Twisted Sifter.  For those of you who have not seen this blog, GO LOOK AT IT RIGHT NOW.  It’s got everything – especially posts about art.

While I was scrolling through the many posts on Twisted Sifter, I came across this one.  I am taking a Watercolor II course right now, and I only wish that I could paint like this.  After looking at Maja Wronska deviantART page, I discovered she is only 24 years old. TWENTY FOUR. Consider me speechless.

Here are a few of Maja Wronska‘s watercolor pieces for you to admire while I try to think of something to say…

BridgeWatercolor NotreDame2 NotreDameWatercolor ParisWatercolor Watercolor1 Watercolor2 Watercolor4 Watercolor5


Fast 6

I am a major sports fan, but I do not watch professional football.  I was not planning to watch the Super Bowl – even if Beyonce was performing at half time and the commercials are always great.  And despite the fact that Michael Oher is on the Ravens and his story is the plot of one of my absolute favorite movies.

The only reason I was even considering watching the Super Bowl was for the Fast 6 trailer that was scheduled to air during the first half of the game.  I am a HUGE Fast & Furious series fan and I am unbelievably excited for the new film – especially after the last one!

Fast 6 Poster

If you are a fan of the movies and haven’t seen the preview… Here is my gift to you: